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Praise for The Improvisational Cook
IACP Award Winner
“Innovative . . . a delicious revelation.”
O, The Oprah Magazine
“What a triumph. One of the most gifted cooks I know thinks onto the page in a way that cossets the novice while inspiring the old hand to reach to new territory. You will build a reputation on this book and build the kind of confidence few know in the kitchen. Sally Schneider is the master of ease, imagination and style.”
Lynne Rossetto Kasper, host of The Splendid Table, American Public Media
“Schneider weans home cooks off their training wheels and provides a springboard from which they can leap out of the box, craft their own distinctive dishes and let their new instinctive and creative juices flow.”
Mario Batali
“Twice before, Sally Schneider has completely changed the way I cook. Now, she’s done it again by encouraging us to embrace improvisation in the kitchen, to open ourselves to the creative excitement of “What if . . . .” I love Sally’s respect for the opportunity that lives within the accidental. Perhaps my favorite message comes from the many varieties she creates from each single recipe, nudging our own creativity along. It’s here that the dabbler becomes a real cook, when you find yourself fiddling around with recipes and you end up making them your own.”
Ted Allen, author of The Food You Want to Eat and
food and wine specialist on Bravos Emmy–winning Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
“As she did in A New Way to Cook, Schneider offers an original, practical and well–executed plan for improvisational cooking — experimenting, cooking creatively, playing with ingredients and recipes, and ‘relinquishing total control and allowing an idea to develop organically . . . . The format is a creative way to teach readers to think more like chefs.”
Publisher’s Weekly starred review
“Simply put, The Improvisational Cook is one of the best cookbooks of the year. Ms. Schneider is a remarkably articulate and sensual food writer, and a fat book of her crystal–clear explanations and creative insights is a true treat . . . . The Improvisational Cook is a brilliant invitation to play with your food.”
Adina Steiman, The New York Sun
. . . a great gift for those who need or want to learn how to trust themselves in the kitchen.”
Best Cookbooks of 2006, Chicago Tribune
“So many people are afraid to deviate from a recipe. Schneider, a former chef who writes a syndicated column The Improvisational Cook shows how easy and rewarding it is to think outside the box.
   She offers basic techniques or recipes, then shows how to improvise on them. Once you learn how to make slow–roasted tomatoes, you’ll realize how effortlessly they can be transformed into a hearty tomato soup, an elegant tomato tart or a savory tomato jam. Master salt–roasted whole fish, then apply the same technique to salt–roasted lobster or to salt–roasted new potatoes with creme fraiche and cracked coriander.”
Carolyn Jung, The Best of the Best, San Jose Mercury News