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Thanks and Credits

Photographer Maria Robledo created most of the beautiful images on this site. They are from an archive of our work together that has spanned many years. I continue to be amazed at the truly original way she expresses the immediacy, beauty and spirit of food through her photographs. Working with her has been an extraordinary gift that has taught me as much about seeing as about generosity.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Christopher Deatherage who masterminded the design and mechanics of this site. Over many hours he patiently and thoughtfully considered and then cleverly wove together a thousand elements, creating charming, effective ways to display my work on the web. He made the often tortuous process of creating a website a pleasure. If you would like to contact him, visit his website or send an email to:

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Additional material Copyright© 1991 by Sally Schneider.

Photographs Copyright© by Maria Robledo.

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