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Praise for A New Way to Cook
IACP and James Beard Foundation Award Winner

“One of the Best Books of the Decade.”

The Guardian


“Every era must have its cookbook, and the cookbook for the early 21st century has arrived.”

Publisher’s Weekly


“This is the ‘Silver Palate’ for the new generation . . .”

The New York Times Book Review


A New Way to Cook is a sure classic . . .”

Metropolitan Home


“Here’s my if–you’re–giving–only–one–cookbook suggestion for this season: Sally Schneider’s handsomely striped, Bible–shaped A New Way to Cook. I praised this highly in my survey of the fall’s cookbooks in The New York Times; and after I write those kinds of surveys, the question inevitably arises — What did you really think? My answer is: Buy this book. Start cooking from it and you won’t want to stop. That advice, I'm glad to say, has been borne out by the experiences of several friends who have reported serial experimentation since taking the book home, and serial culinary contentment . . . .”

— from The Atlantic Monthly: “Chic and Simple Cooking” by Corby Kummer


A New Way to Cook is so thorough and comprehensive in its approach to cooking that it is an essential read for food professionals, not just a basic foundation for home cooks.”

Restaurant Digest


A New Way to Cook by Sally Schneider is the perfect food bible for the new year.”


“[Sally Schneider] intensifies the flavor or her ingredients so ingeniously that her recipes scream delicious before they whisper healthy . . . . Just her chapters on flavor catalysts — rubs, marinades, dressings, and so on — could keep me happy in the kitchen for the next five years.”

Food & Wine


A New Way to Cook delivers on its title — a practical philosophy of food as pleasure and well–being.”

Real Simple


“Sally Schneider is the kind of cook that both professional cooks and novice cooks need. Her pure information is clear and concise, easy to follow and is not garbled with technospeak but feels like you can really cook, taste, and smell the dish. Her prose is filled with fun and accessible information that clearly elucidates tricky issues like cooking a whole fish or the use of Moroccan spices . . . . this book has been long in the making, and it is long overdue.”

Mario Batali


“Sally Schneider has the breadth of knowledge, the experience, and the integrity to make an enormous contribution to the way we eat . . . . Sally’s cooking evokes an immediate response from those lucky enough to sit in her kitchen nibbling and chatting. Her food answers an undefinable longing of stomach, heart, and soul.”

James Peterson, Award winning author of The Essentials of Cooking;
Sauces; Fish and Shellfish; and Splendid Soups


“Sally Schneider is one of the wise voices on the food scene in America. She has been writing about food for many years and hers has been one of the early voices to point out, with passion and eloquence, the connection between well being and pleasure. By thoroughly examining ingredients — their histories, their uses, the people who are connected to them (among other things), she has done a great deal to strengthen that connection while showing the way for people to find it for themselves and to undo some of the grave damage done by the vilification of fat and other foods. Hers is a voice that is appreciated and heard my many readers.”

Deborah Madison, author of Local Flavors: Cooking and Eating from America’s Farmers Markets and Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone


“I really do believe that [A New Way to Cook’s introductory comments regarding the health consequences of eating poorly] is the single most informative discussion of the subject that I can recall reading. I was going to add, from a non–medical point of view, but as I think about it, I know very few medical types who could write as clearly and correctly about the dietary impact of lipids as you did.”

Vincent T. Marchesi, M.D., Ph.D., Director and Professor of Pathology and Cell
Biology, Boyer Center for Molecular Medicine, Yale School of Medicine